Scholarships provide hope of a

better future for the community

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Family interview 1

ADIVIMA officials interviewing a scholarship applicant to determine if they meet the requirements for extreme poverty and willingness to work hard in school. 

Elsy Marleny Tecú Cortes won a scholarship in 2018 and graduated from middle school in 2020. 

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Evelin Hilberta Perez graduated in 2019 from secondary school with a professional degree. 

This woman is signing for her child’s scholarship check with a thumbprint. Most adults had no opportunity to become literate. ADIVIMA maintains strict accounting of scholarship funds which are audited by the government.  

Dec. 2011 General Assembly

Parents and students meet with ADIVIMA officials in their headquarters at least twice a year to reinforce the importance of education. 

The Scholarship Partners have supported a tutor to assist students who are struggling. The tutor meets with all 60 students in their far flung communities to give them the emotional and academic support that their parents can’t. 


Students attend the school and select the career of their choice. Professional degrees include teaching, accounting, computing, and business administration. This year students studied remotely from smart phones and internet provided by the scholarship program.

school visit

Delegates from the donor churches in the US visited scholarship students in their schools prior to the pandemic. 

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