ADIVIMA relentlessly pursues 

justice through the court systems

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ADIVIMA Director, Juan de Dios García, left, and their attorney in court.

ADIVIMA takes its case to the 

InterAmerican Court of Human Rights 


A delegation of survivors from Rabinal attended the court hearings in Costa Rica while 500 watched the proceedings from ADIVIMA headquarters via video streaming. 

Juan de Dios García testifies on the conditions in Pacux

Juan de Dios and witnesses to the Rio Negro massacres testified before the InterAmerican Court of Human Right in Costa Rica on June 19 and 20, 2012. 

Jesús Tecú Osorio testifies as a massacre eye witness

Jesus Teco Osorio, one of the founders of ADIVIMA, was ten years old when the massacre of Rio Negro happened. The army and civil patrol members took him and seventeen other youngsters as slaves to work for them for several year. 

Carlos Chen Osorio testifies on survivors living in 
the mountains who were hunted down by the army 

Carlos Chen Osorio was an eye witness to the massacre of the women and children of Rio Negro including his wife and two children. He spent several years in the mountains with other survivors hiding from the army who was hunting them. He was principal founder of ADIVIMA and is president of the Board of Directors. 

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