Massacres clear the way for the a

  hydroelectric dam on the Río Negro

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Chixoy dam

The Chixoy hydroelectric dam caused the displacement of 33 ancient Mayan communities along the Río Negro river valley. 


After the amnesty in 1986, many survivors moved to the hydroelectric company's resettlement camp of Pacux. With a military base next door, they were under constant harassment. Seventy remains of disappeared persons were found in the well when ADIVIMA forced the government to close the base.


Neither the government nor the hydroelectric company has installed basic services of potable water, electricity, streets, health clinics or adequate education. 


Some scholarship students come from the village of Pacux and others from remote rural villages. Here students sit in the gutter to study. ADIVIMA has sought services for Pacux through negotiations with the government and through the courts for 20 years at tremendous risk of reprisal.  

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