Video interview with Reyna

student gifted in math

Reyna Azucena Juarez de Paz is an example of an outstanding student for whom this scholarship is invaluable.

She is brilliant in math and in middle school was the only student in her grade whom teachers would take to math competitions with other schools. 

Her parents are illiterate and her father unemployed. She works in the fields and on weekends at the plaza to earn enough money to feed her little brothers. She graduated from high school with a degree in accounting in November 2015 and hopes to earn money to send her brother to school. 

This interview gives an example of how difficult it is for even a gifted student to overcome the obstacles of poverty and illiteracy to reach her goal of a professional degree. 

Video interview with Lidia Lorena

Lidia Lorena’s interview shows a young woman desperate to escape the fate of early marriage and a life of grinding poverty.